Corporate Values

1. We commit to offer value to the Community.

We target the sectors of emergency management, risk management and water resources management. By protecting human life, the environment, and property we automatically offer value to the Community.

2. Provide value to our customers and all else will follow.

We create software that offers significant value to our customers. Our software is continually updated to be easy-to-use, beautifully visualized, adaptable to the customers’ everyday business and processes. This is achieved by listening empathically to our customers, and taking their proposals, opinions & comments seriously, whatever the challenges. By doing all this with sincerity and patience, success follows.

3. Working at Agiltech is teamwork.

Working on what we work for is a team play. That requires friendliness, close collaboration, open doors, availability of the appropriate information, empathy and, sometimes, fellowship.

4. We commit to excellence.

We have the will for continuous self-improvement. The same thing we deliver today successfully we try to serve tomorrow even better. As Aristotle wrote: «We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit».

5. Ethical values are a must.

At Agiltech we challenge our sincerity every day, either amongst us or with people outside the company. We challenge our integrity every day, either as personalities or as a corporate entity, knowing that anyone cannot have 90% integrity: either he/ she does or he/ she doesn’t. We try to behave towards everyone with simplicity. We apologize for our critical mistakes.

6. We believe in and support exceptional talents.

Some people have exceptional talents. E.g. someone may have been an excellent student and simultaneously a great sports leader while at school, others are quite proficient in social skills, etc. We try to attract, cultivate and retain people with exceptional talents that are directly related to the job description we need.

7. The first part of our name is agile.

We believe in planning. But as Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke said “no plan survives contact with the enemy”. Since we operate in a continuous changing environment we have to work with agility. Then we try to act fast, with adaptation to any change. That’s why we need people with initiative and decision making skills and we support them to cultivate these characteristics.

8. We deliver projects on time and within budget

We are well trained to deliver successful big scale projects. In our 15 years of operations we successfully implemented critical ones, some of them on the terrain. Many of them had over million dollars’ budget.

9. We support and protect freedom of speech and expression.

Each opinion has its own value. Of course at the end of the day the one that has the authority has to make the decision. But since no man/ woman has – infallibility, we support and protect the freedom for each one to express his/ her arguments, even in a passionate but always constructive way of speaking and expression. Without the fear of any named or “silent” penalty.

10. “Thank you” is a good start.

Almost each day someone offers us some help, most often in unpredictable ways, often by overcoming their official authority or job description. To express our gratitude in whatever way we can and in a way someone would accept, is a continuous concern for us. And we always start with a “thank you”.

11. Arriving in our Ithaca is what we are destined for. The trip is as important.

We have a clear vision, mission and corporate strategies. We base our everyday job on the goals and objectives that we set. We evaluate the performance of each department and colleague. Most often we are stressed to complete our tasks successfully. But – even when we are full of stress – we always remember the words of Kavafy: “As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.”