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Drinking Water

At Agiltech use a holistic approach for Drinking Water Distribution (DWD) Systems.

We provide technology solutions and services to preserve valuable water resources, save energy and human resources and protect the environment.

Our solutions enable Water Utilities to perform their day-to-day operations efficiently while at the same time offer high-quality water and relevant services to their customers.

How we do it

Our value-added services include:
  • Hydraulic modelling, water balance and NRW detection
  • Energy optimization
  • Software deployment and training
  • System operation, maintenance and support
  • Digitization, mapping and Data Migration

Agiltech has a strategic collaboration with Nimbltech for developing innovative solutions for Drinking Water Distribution (DWD) systems.

Available Hydoor modules include:
  • Map Dashboard
  • Water Balance
  • Resource Optimizer
  • Water Quality Assurance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Integration to SCADA
  • Integration to billing system


Satisfy your customers

Make your consumers happier with valuable services and insights, while you promptly respond to their requests for repairs, through a single platform.

Pay as you go, save money

Only pay for the modules that fit your needs.

Reduce costs

Reduce your operating costs thanks to energy optimization, avoid high up-front and maintenance costs of traditional information systems and increase your sustainability.

Reduce damages

Reduce damage number and cost, utilizing instant alerts, providing faster repairs and planning for preventive maintenance.

Increase revenues

Increase your revenues and protect the environment, identifying and minimizing NRW.

Respond promptly

Ensure fast response with instant alerts for outbound quality measurements, leakage and damages, as well as potential sabotage.

Use easily

Our clients describe the user interface as “friendly”, “easy-to-use” and “flexible.

Learn quickly

The web-based environment, with a clean and intuitive design, ensures a quick learning curve.

Comply to legislation

Comply to WIA indexes and methodology using water balance and quality measurements. Be instantly alerted on hazardous indicators to ensure a prompt response.

Improve the decision-making process

Have instant access on key information about events, assets and operations for decision-making, easily, thanks to notifications, map visualization and chart reports.

Long-term investment

The software can integrate with other software platforms (CRM, billing, etc.) letting you expand your current operations.