Hydrodotisis is a complete water resource management Platform that targets Water Utilities.

By utilizing measurements made by automations installed in the water supply network (flow meters, level meters, etc.), Hydrodotisis covers needs related to water balance monitoring, energy optimization of network operation and water quality management. HYDRODOTISIS Platform consists of 3 modules: Water Balance, Resource Optimizer, Water Quality Assurance.

Water Balance Estimation

• Calculation of the water balance of internal and external network.
• Balance display on a digital map, based on water supply zones.

Energy Optimization

• Simulating pumping operation and finding energy-optimized solutions.
• Monitoring of energy consumption.

Quality control

• Full recording of environmental control indicator measurements.
• Set alert levels and notify officers by SMS and/or email.
• Detailed reports and statistics.

The benefits of the use of Hydrodotisis are:

• Immediate, integrated information on the water supply network resulting in maximum utilization of water resources.

• Easy to use, without requiring specialized personnel.