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At Agiltech provide Irrigrid, our holistic technology solution and services for Irrigation Utilities and cultivators, to preserve valuable water resources, save energy and human resources and protect the environment.

Our solutions enable Irrigation Utilities and cultivators to minimize energy and operation costs, save water, maximize their equipment availability and implement smart irrigation practices.

How we do it

Irrigrid combines industrial automations, software and value-added services into a holistic technology solution that digitalizes the key functions of irrigation:

  • Fully automated irrigation process
  • Personalized irrigation process using smart cards
  • Remote management of irrigation equipment and process
  • Inverter management
  • Integration with any existing SCADA and billing systems
  • System operation, maintenance and support.
Agiltech has a strategic collaboration with Nimbltech, developing innovative solutions for irrigation systems that include:
  • Irrigation cycle scheduling
  • Energy simulation & monitoring
  • Hydraulic simulation
  • Equipment maintenance & repair management
  • Personalized irrigation plan and history
  • Irrigation data insight per crop or field
  • Smart Irrigation task list
  • Remote control of private-owned irrigation equipment.


Create holistic sustainability

Reduce energy consumption expenses, save water, creating holistic sustainability for the irrigation agency, the environment and the cultivators.

Satisfy cultivators

Support your cultivators, with automated irrigation services and insights, actively involving them to resource savings.

Utilize available water more efficiently

Support precision agriculture, helping cultivators to increase irrigation efficiency using less water.

Distribute fairly and sustainably

Deliver required water quantity to qualified cultivators in a controlled way, based on the crop types and areas

Reduce damages

Reduce the number and cost of damages, utilizing instant alerts, providing faster repairs and planning for preventive maintenance.

Increase revenues & Protect the environment

Increase your revenues and protect the environment, detecting and minimizing NRW.

Respond promptly

Ensure fast response with instant alerts for leakages and damages, as well as potential sabotage.

Use easily

Our clients describe the software user interface as “friendly”, “easy-to-use” and “flexible.

Learn quickly

The web-based environment, with a clean and intuitive design, ensures a quick learning curve.

Improve decision-making

Have instant access on key information on events, assets and operations for decision making and quick response to critical incidents, easily, thanks to notifications, map visualization and chart reports.

Invest in the long-term

The software can integrate with other software platforms (CRM, billing, etc.) letting you expand your current operations.

Combine the Cloud with value-added services

Lower your investment risk with an all-inclusive service that fits your needs in a flexible, scalable, secure environment without the hassle of maintenance and upfront costs.