Our Story

We were founded in 2002, in Athens, Greece.

Until 2006 we participated in the implementation of innovative research projects, co-financed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), from which we gained significant expertise in the field of Emergency Management with specialization in natural hazards and in particular forest fires and earthquakes.

In 2007, in order to capitalize the know-how we had obtained, we made the strategic decision to become a software product company and we developed APOCRISIS, a software platform for Emergency Management for both natural & technological hazards. We targeted the Greek regional and local administration units aka Regions, Prefectures and Municipalities, which had the authority to respond in case of emergency.

By 2010 we had implemented 4 big projects in 4 regional state administrations i.e. Attica Region, Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, Prefecture of Arcadia and Prefecture of Viotia.

In 2010 we decided to expand to the field of Water Resources Management and acquire the necessary know-how to be able to reach out to Municipalities and Municipal Enterprises that deal with Water Supply and Sewerage (DEYA).

In 2012, we used the above mentioned expertise to develop the software platform HYDRODOTISIS that covers a wide range of needs such as water balance management, water quality management, energy conservation and maintenance. HYDRODOTISIS platform is currently installed and successfully operating in 3 major utilities (DEYA of Almyros city, DEYA of Karditsa city and DEYA of Igoumenitsa city).

In July 2014 we became OEM Partners of LUCIAD, a leading technology company providing software for high-performance and highly accurate visualization and analysis of static and dynamic spatial data in mission critical systems. As Luciad’s OEM partner we have the technical capability to use Luciad’s software components for developing our software applications in the same way they do.

In April 2017 we undertook subcontracts of two large scale projects. We provide MT Technical S.A. with private label licenses for HYDRODOTISIS Water Balance, HYDRODOTISIS Resource Optimizer and HYDRODOTISIS Water Quality Assurance modules, in order to supply and install of a Telemetric System for the Management and Control of Leakages in the Water Supply Network of Korinthos and in the Water Supply Network of the Municipality of Elassona.